1. The biggest problem with traditional knowledge bases is the content is only maintained by a few people and does not evolve using the real-world insights of relevant internal and external stakeholders. Very little content can afford to remain static and still provide sustainable value.

    Online communities can be a good source for new KB content, but do nothing to evolve existing KB content.

    The days for traditional knowledge bases that do not have metrics built in to measure and motivate broad participation are numbered.

    Do you agree?

    1. Tricia Morris

      Thanks for your comment, Chuck, and we do agree that knowledgebase content can be made even better when you utilize insights and involvement from outside your organization’s core team.

  2. Chuck Van Court

    People often assume that all knowledge base search engines are about the same and nothing could be further from the truth.

    Anyone purchasing a knowledge base without thoroughly testing the search engine’s effectiveness are absolutely doing a disservice to their organization.

    As you and Dmitry both called out, in the end nothing else matters much if people can’t quickly find what they are looking for.