1. Sam Klaidman

    This is a well written post that will educate those just discovering feedback collection and remind those who have been doing it for so long that they may have lost some control of their program.

    I believe that point #6, take action as soon as possible, is critical but often overlooked in our desire “get it right”.

    Thanks for this post.

    1. Tricia Morris

      Thanks so much for your comment, Sam. Great insight regarding #6; we all want to do so well on everything, but sometimes we need to pick one or two items to make sure our customers see a timely response. Thanks again!

  2. Luke W.

    I’d like to echo Sam’s point above – when you invite user feedback what you’re really inviting is user collaboration. When users take their time to donate useful feedback to your organisation, they deserve to have that responded to as valuable and more often than not are very open to becoming involved in further dialogue. Nothing builds customer loyalty like listening, taking action on feedback and then returning to demonstrate to the customer the valuable results that came about as a consequence of your interactions.

    1. Tricia Morris

      Great comments, Luke. Thanks so much!