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Parature, from Microsoft is a leading provider of cloud-based multi-channel customer service software that empowers organizations to deliver amazing customer experiences. Our solution integrates a customer portal, intuitive self-service knowledgebase, a help desk ticketing application, and a host of robust business modules into a central, fully-customizable, web-based system that currently supports more than 100 million end users worldwide.

Parature’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery and integrated, intuitive design enables organizations to get up and running quickly without assistance from IT. Parature works in close support with you, the customer, to focus on key efficiency and productivity goals, all while dramatically improving your customer engagement and support processes.

Parature is the recipient of numerous product, technology, and leadership awards. The Parature name is synonymous with customer-driven innovation, superior customer service, and value in cloud-based customer support and service software.

What Sets Parature Apart

What separates Parature from other customer service software providers is its decade-long commitment to our clients and developing a professional relationship of trust, communication and unparalleled service. Engaging customers and making sure all their needs are met – it’s not just important to you. It’s incredibly important to us as a service provider.

“Customer service really makes Parature stand out.” – Jessica Flesch, Sr. Project Manager at Top Down Systems

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