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How Buffalo Studios is Delivering Game-Changing Customer Service

If you’re old enough to remember when the latest in gaming technology meant circles eating dots, triangles shooting dots and rectangles hitting dots, you’re old enough to know that the gaming industry has experienced a meteoric rise and transformation over the past few decades. Gartner forecasts that the global video game market (to include console hardware, software, online, mobile and PC games) will reach $111 billion by 2015. In quick comparison, this surpasses near-future revenue projections for the movie and entertainment (music) market, estimated at $93 billion by the end of 2016.

Customer support in the gaming industry is transformational, as well. Phone support is practically non-existent. Gamers demand a rich and rewarding product and player experience, but when it comes to support, what matters most is good information, fast answers and a real-time resolution of problems on the channel of their convenience.

Well Played, Buffalo Studios, Well Played…

Social and mobile games pioneer Buffalo Studios is an example of winning service and support across channels and at scale. The well-known gaming company, owned by Caesars Interactive Entertainment, is the maker of the number one online bingo game, Bingo Blitz, as well as the company’s newest offering, Bingo Rush 2. Read More

Social Customer Service Isn’t Going Anywhere

There has been quite a bit of talk lately that social customer service isn’t going anywhere, and that some brands are beginning to phase out or give up on social monitoring and response, especially around customer care. In a new 2014 Social Media Marketing University study, when asked about the amount of time it takes to reply to customer complaints on social media, 21% of the marketing professionals surveyed responded that they rarely or never respond to social customer complaints.
Read More

7 Attributes Shaping the ART of the Customer Experience

In a recent Constellation Research report and related blog post, principal analyst R “Ray” Wang discusses the current shift in digital business from a focus on “selling products and services to promising outcomes and experiences.” With this shift, delivering a seamless and satisfying customer experience will become not just one of the most important jobs of the customer service department, but of everyone in the organization.

The talk ranges from changes for CMOs during the customer revolution in Esteban Kolsky’s recent post, What (Some, If Not Most CMOs Don’t See), to a newly-released report from IBM’s Institute for Business Value that shows top CIOs are moving from a focus on the back-office to the front-lines as customer engagement and customer experience become key to winning business strategies, and delivering amazing experiences becomes an art. Read More

If Twitter’s @ Symbol Disappears, Social #CustServ is Going to Need a Bigger Boat…

Twitter head of news, Vivian Schiller, gave customer service and marketing managers something to think about recently when she hinted that the social network might be eliminating some of its core features, namely @-replies and hashtags.

Right now, the @ symbol easily connects a tweet with an individual or brand’s Twitter account, and without it, an individual or brand would not get an email notification when they are tweeted at or mentioned in a tweet. Read More

3 LEGO-Inspired Tips for Building a Better Customer Experience

Building a better customer experience is top-of-mind for most every brand today. A recent Customers 2020 Report notes that by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Many will say it already has.

Though the recent LEGO Movie was geared towards kids and kids-at-heart, it offered a subtle (or maybe not-so-subtle) business message to build on. Here are three LEGO-inspired tips for building a better customer experience:

1. Even ordinary team members can become legendary heroes. In The LEGO Movie, the perfectly-average, rules-following Emmet who’s so vanilla that even his co-workers can’t think of anything special about him, falls upon a situation that could make him a legendary hero.

Every day, anyone representing your brand can create a hero story, and LEGO as a brand and as individuals representing it, is well known for this. Take for instance the story which involved a seven-year-old’s letter to LEGO to replace a Ninjago Jay ZX minifigure. Another hero story came when LEGO sent a surprise gift to a child who had saved his money for two years to buy a train set, only to find it was out of production when he finally had enough money to purchase it. A little above and beyond goes a long way. Read More

New IBM Study Says CIOs Have a New Boss – The Customer

A newly-released report from IBM’s Institute for Business Value shows that top CIOs are moving from a focus on the back-office to the front-lines as customer engagement and customer experience become key to winning business strategies.

The report is based on conversation with more than 1,600 CIOs across 70 countries and 20 industries worldwide and shows CIOs want to devote more time to customer experience management (+15%) as opposed to sales and new business development (+6%) and marketing and communications (+2%). Read More

Marketing, Customer Service Get Engaged on Social Media

Now more than ever, marketing and customer service are feeling the pressure to come together to improve engagement on social media. And it’s customers who are at the heart of what can either be a forged or forced relationship depending on the brand – but at the end of the day, brands will depend upon these two teams working more closely together. Consider these statistics:

  • 71% of consumers who experience a quick and effective brand response on social media are likely to recommend that brand to others, compared to just 19% of customers who do not receive a response. ~ NM Incite
  • When companies engage and respond to customer service requests over social media, those customers end up spending 20% to 40% more with the company. ~ Bain & Company
  • Companies delivering customer support through social media achieve superior gains – 7.5% vs. 2.9%. ~ Aberdeen
  • The average number of people a social customer will tell about a bad customer experience: 53. ~ American Express® Global Customer Service Barometer

Notes Gartner Distinguished Analyst Michael Maoz in a recent blog, “Marketing has done a good job of seeing the power of social media, and ran fast to seize the initiative and engage customers in new ways.

“And now something else is happening. As marketing engages more deeply with customers, you move beyond the ‘dating phase’ and sort of settle into a relationship. Who picks up the laundry, and did you take the dog to the vet? Read More

Microsoft Dynamics CRM + Parature Named 2014 CRM Magazine Service Leader Award Winners

We want to share with you the welcome news that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been named a 2014 CRM Magazine Service Leader Award winner. A key reason for this win as noted by analysts judging these awards was Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Parature, a global leader in cloud-based customer service software. We are proud to have played a role in Microsoft Dynamics CRM earning the overall winner spot, unseating Salesforce as the incumbent.  This recognition is further validation that the two companies together make for a powerful force in the CRM market. Read More

3 Tips for Creating a More Consistent Customer Journey

As more and more brands and organizations adapt to providing customer service and engagement across more and more channels, clearing that hurdle only leads to the next: creating consistency across the customer journey. A recent report by McKinsey tells it like it is, “consistency may not seem sexy, but it is the secret ingredient to making customers happy.”

While impressive individual interactions may inspire delight and even hero stories, it’s still consistency and reliability that inspire lasting confidence, loyalty and long-term retention. Read More

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