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Parature serves its customers by delivering the most innovative multi-channel customer service software solution on the market. But most importantly, Parature serves its customers by delivering legendary online customer service and support. (We treat you like royalty, even if you choose not to wear our complimentary capes and crowns.)

Our Services
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    Self-Service Parature solutions allow your organization to provide more effective and efficient customer service through more self-serve options. Parature increases the ability of customers to find the answers they need quickly, without ever having to contact a customer care representative.Read More >>
  • Multi-Channel Service and Innovation Using Parature’s cloud-based customer service software, customers can reach out to your organization at any time in whatever way is most convenient for them, whether it’s live chat, email, self-service knowledgebase, social media or mobile.Read More >>
  • Customer Retention Parature provides your organization with the innovative tools it needs to take the collective pulse of your customer service efforts and adjust and improve as necessary.
  • Social Customer Service Parature provides a centralized customer service solution that spans multiple social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and more. Be in total control of your social media presence and connect with your online audience in real time with Parature.Read More >>
  • Reporting Parature’s robust reporting tools provide real-time intelligence that allows your company to make informed business decisions and proactively adjust to trends. Track customer service requests, response times, the effectiveness of your customer service channels and CSRs.Read More >>
  • Integration Our API and technology partners provide applications that complement Parature’s product suite to optimize all business processes. Integrating Parature Customer Service Software™ with other critical systems opens up a whole new level of visibility, leading to greater customer satisfaction.Read More >>
  • Services Parature’s unparalleled support services set Parature Customer Service Software™ apart from other cloud-based customer service solutions. Custom implementation, helpful training, and legendary customer support ensures you’re getting the most out of Parature’s solutions from day one.Read More >>
  • Pricing Parature’s competitive pricing is what leads many customers to contact us. It’s the value of Parature’s solutions and the unparalleled customer service that keeps customers with us. With Parature, you receive a custom customer care solution, not cookie-cutter software.Read More >>

Parature’s complete offering of cloud-based, multi-channel customer support solutions is enhanced by seamless integration, robust reporting, a wealth of on-demand support services and affordable pricing. Parature provides an unparalleled solution and an unparalleled customer and support experience.

Parature provides customer service software that revolves around you. Find out more about the best multi-channel customer service solutions available. Click here for a free demo, email us at or call 1-877-GO-PARATURE.

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