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Your organization’s multi-channel customer service and support needs are soundly met by Parature’s integrated, multi-channel software suite, the only true, on-demand 100% customer service software available. There’s no software to download and no extra hardware to buy. You don’t even need assistance from your IT staff; Parature takes care of everything for you, with security, efficiency and your organization’s unique brand and business processes in mind.

All maintenance and updates on the cloud-based software are managed and implemented by Parature, and all data is safeguarded by state-of-the-art security technology. Best of all, a Parature implementation allows your organization to be delivering world-class multi-channel customer service in a matter of weeks instead of months. Parature Customer Service Software, a leader in CRM innovation since 2000, ensures our custom, scalable solution is available to you on your timeline.

  • Parature PortalProvide a 24/7 professional, personalized external support portal that matches your customers’ unique needs.

  • Parature Knowledgebase The first go-to spot on your portal for customers to help themselves to documentation, product briefs, answers to frequently-asked questions, and the very latest information.

  • Parature Ticket Track, route, and resolve support issues easily and quickly with a fully integrated, world-class lifecycle ticket management system.

  • Parature Chat Let your end users engage in live question and answer sessions directly with your support representatives.

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    Parature Report Real-time information to make smart decisions, gauge the performance of your support team or the overall quality of your products and services./

  • **Parature Report Premium Option

  • Parature Download Streamline document organization and management – Get the documents your customers need the most in their hands, whenever they need it.

  • Parature for Facebook Easily be where your customers are – engage in their conversations and deliver quality support on your company’s Facebook page.

  • Parature Activity Manage your team’s most essential activities to ensure everyone is working at peak productivity across teams – schedule events, assign tasks and set up meeting.

  • Parature Asset Get meaningful insight into how your assets are running and how well they are supporting your business.

  • Parature Contact Grow your business relationships with this central repository for your valuable account and contact information.

  • Parature Feedback Provides a fully integrated means for you to easily and efficiently obtain valuable customer feedback from multiple support channels.

  • Parature Product Provide personalized support based on the specific products your customers have purchased.

  • Parature Survey Easily measure customer satisfaction and keep tabs of quality assurance anytime, while maintaining a quality customer experience start to finish.

  • Parature API A secure, public, REST-based XML Application Programming Interface (API) will provide seamless interaction between your Parature Customer Service software and other critical systems, improving customer support with this increased visibility between systems.

Control the information collected in your support application by creating an unlimited number of custom fields across multiple modules.
Proactively alert your customers about product maintenance, updates and more by establishing rules and alerts to automate your email notification process.
Control the way you service and support your customers by customizing the workflow procedures within the software to match your organization’s unique support process.
Customize the ‘tabs’ within your Parature Service Desk to reflect your organization or industry naming conventions.
Customize the look and feel of your portal to match your organization’s website and point end users precisely to the information they need.
Gain quick access to relevant information by creating and embedding Web link shortcuts to other Web-based applications.
SOFTWARE-AS-A-SERVICE (Saas) - On-demand and fully Web-based
Parature Customer Service software is fully Web-based, there’s no software to download, no extra hardware to buy. The dynamic, on-demand software enables organizations to get up and running quickly, easily and efficiently.
Extend Parature to meet your unique requirements by easily importing existing data into your Parature software.
Extend Parature to meet your unique requirements by easily exporting data from your Parature software as needed.
Assign appropriate time zones and time formats according to the locations of your global support team.
Deploy multiple departments – connect your support organization across multiple business lines or create separate dedicated sections for each department within your Parature software.
Parature is invested in your success – our success is measured by yours. Parature’s own customer support team is highly regarded by our customers and, of course, our customer support is powered by Parature. We provide several support options to accommodate the unique support needs of every organization. Click here for more information.
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