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Your customers’ satisfaction is paramount to your organization’s success, development and reputation. Parature Feedback provides a powerful tool for you to request, collect, evaluate and act upon customer feedback from multiple support channels.

Download the Parature Feedback Feature Sheet
Learn more about the module that allows your organization to easily and efficiently obtain valuable customer feedback from multiple support channels.
Gather Consistent, Real-time Feedback

A consistent process for obtaining feedback is essential to a solid support strategy, recognizing successes, making necessary adjustments, and above all, improving the customer experience to promote customer satisfaction and loyalty. Being proactive with a sound, continuous feedback process that keeps you tuned in to the voice of your customer is one of the best ways to maintain your brand’s good name.

Obtaining feedback at the moment support is received – upon ticket close or at the end of a chat session, for instance – captures the most relevant and valuable information specific to a customer experience. You get immediate visibility into customer satisfaction with each transaction, enabling you to respond in real time to improve satisfaction on the spot if necessary.

Gain Greater Insight

With Parature Feedback, customer service teams can view individual feedback history or view aggregated feedback results. Parature Feedback also provides the ability to view a customer’s previous feedback while customer service is being conducted, so your support representatives can ensure a consumer who previously gave negative or indifferent feedback has an improved customer experience.

Parature Feedback allows you to determine both the presentation and manner of feedback collection for each channel independently. Customize questionnaires, add graphics and set your own timing and rules for feedback collection.

  • Obtain feedback instantly at the moment support is received
  • Resolve issues promptly in real time when necessary
  • Get valuable visibility into customer satisfaction across multiple support channels
  • Gauge your support team’s performance
  • Use routing rules or Time Sensitive Alerts (TSA) to ensure clients are directed appropriately to account managers or specialized queues based on feedback from their last support interaction
  • Obtain feedback from more customers more frequently
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