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Because of its pervasive use and convenience, customer service on mobile devices has quickly come of age. Customers expect both personalized and self-service options when seeking real-time support, communication or information from businesses and organizations.

Parature for Mobile

Parature for Mobile provides mobile access to the Parature Service Desk and Portal via all major mobile and tablet devices. The service desk always remains up to date, with no app to update or install.

Provide World-Class Customer Service – Anytime, Anywhere

With Parature for Mobile, both your agents and your customers will be able to leverage the world-class Parature service and support experience via all major mobile and tablet devices. Your customers will enjoy a seamless, personalizedexperience from your mobile web properties, while your agents will be able to work across departments to get more done.

Download the Parature for Mobile Feature Sheet
Learn more about the Parature Service Desk and Parature Portal for customer service on all major mobile and tablet devices.
Major Benefits – Mobile Service Desk
  • Cross-platform compatible mobile access to the Parature service desk
  • Look up tickets by ticket number or access to ticket views and queues
  • Perform actions and update tickets
  • Work across multiple Parature departments
  • No application to update, always on the latest version
  • Works with Parature Single Sign On
Major Benefits – Mobile Portal
  • Completely customizable to match your brand
  • Customer access to all support channels (ticketing, knowledgebase, downloads, chat, etc.)
  • Cross-platform compatible
  • Works with Parature Single Sign On

“Our setup is different than most retailers with the way we connect with customers. Customization ended up being a really big factor. Parature does what we need in the way we need and is able to adjust based on our requirements.” – Brianne Hattaway, Director of Customer Support,

Parature provides customer service software that revolves around you. Find out more about the best multi-channel customer service solutions available. Click here for a free demo, email us at or call 1-877-GO-PARATURE.

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