Multi-Channel Customer Service

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Today’s customers are spending more time online and on their mobile devices than ever before, so organizations must make a concerted effort to be everywhere their customers are, providing multi-channel customer service and faster response times on each channel. Being in multiple places at once is simplified with Parature’s centralized, cloud-based CRM solution.

Parature allows your organization to provide increased customer service across more channels without having to add more staff. Some of Parature’s most popular solutions include:

Our Features
  • Parature Service Deskcentralizes your organization’s multi-channel customer service and support efforts into a single centralized, web-based system. Not only does this centralized service desk promote efficiency and productivity, but it also promotes consistency in customer service processes, responses and best practices.Read More >>
  • Parature TicketParature Ticket allows your customers to easily submit even their most complex problems questions and track the progress of their help tickets at their convenience online or via their mobile device, without ever having to contact a customer support representative. When a customer’s question or request is answered, they receive automatic notification via email. A complete ticket history is always available for end users to store, reopen, or post comments to resolved tickets.For your customer service team, ticketing rules can be created based on your preferences including ticket assignment or transfers to specific team members, alerts for when tickets go unresolved within a certain time and more. Parature Ticket metrics let you track performance including average time-to-resolution and end user satisfaction with their customer service experience.


  • Parature EmailParature efficiently incorporates email into its multi-channel solution, conveniently allowing customers to stay in email while customer service reps remain in their central support system. Automatically convert new customer service emails into tickets. Conveniently route them to the correct queue or agent.Read More >>
  • Parature Chatempowers your team to deliver service and support where and when needed, whether it’s in-game, in-application, on a Web form, shopping cart, order form or self-service channel. Live chat also provides an opportunity to generate sales leads, increase Web sales conversion rates and increase revenue by proactively inviting prospects or customers to chat live with an available representative. Robust reporting and monitoring tools complement Parature Chat as an increasingly effective service channel.Read More >>
Major Benefits
  • Additional customer service channels ensure faster response times and better customer engagement as organizations strive to be everywhere their customers and target markets are
  • Proactively addresses and resolves issues customers may be having on another service channel
  • Fully customizable and seamlessly integrated to match your current branding
  • Ability to attach links, screenshots, images and other files to assist with service efforts

“Simply put, Parature is 50 percent of my work force. With Parature, I am able to utilize fewer CSRs, keeping my staffing budget low. I’m such a fan of Parature and so happy to be their client — they are the vendor that I respect the most in my day-to-day activities. Parature enables us to manage all of our support needs in one integrated suite.” – Chris Henderson, Senior Manager of Customer Service, IGN Entertainment

Parature provides customer service software that revolves around you, and gives your organization the competitive advantage through superior multi-channel customer service. Find out more about the best multi-channel customer service solutions available. Click here for a free demo, email us at or call 1-877-GO-PARATURE.

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