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Provide your customers with instant and personalized online support with Parature Chat. This powerful live chat support module is designed to meet the service channel preference of the newest generation of customers. Parature Chat empowers your organization with an immediate, seamless transition from a self-service to assisted channel at critical times during the support interaction. Comprehensive rules for escalation, deflection and prioritization ensure a timely response and that Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met.

Download the Parature Chat Feature Sheet
Learn more about this powerful chat software module, designed to meet the service channel preference of the newest generation of customers and delivering personalized service online.
Improve Customer Engagement

Brand your live chat interface to match the ‘look and feel’ of your website. Create and deploy customized chat buttons and links to extend your support presence. Increase customer retention rates by requesting and acting on customer sentiment in real-time utilizing custom chat feedback questions.

Parature Chat software empowers your team to deliver quick support where and when your customers need it, whether it be in-game, on your website, or with a Web form or shopping cart. The live chat support channel provides an opportunity to increase web sales conversion rates by proactively inviting prospects or customers to chat with available sales or support representatives if they need help or information.

Monitor and Measure Support

For managers, Parature Chat provides complete oversight over all chat queues and support representatives. Monitor any representative for chat quality, “whisper” advice or assistance, initiate a group chat and route chats to specific agents based on product knowledge, experience or availability. Measure important analytics including abandonment rate, wait-time in queue, support representative performance, group performance and more.

  • Ensure fast, personal responses to online consumers
  • Increase efficiency and productivity without increasing headcount
  • Improve time to resolution
  • Reduce shopping cart, web form, online navigation and transaction abandonment rates
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