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With the growing number of major customer service channels, your organization needs a way to centralize all customer data and customer service interactions to provide superior prompt and personalized support.

At Parature, we say a lot about how Parature Customer Service Software benefits your customers. But Parature also benefits your company and your customer service representatives with its centralized, cloud-based multi-channel service desk.

A Comprehensive Multi-Channel Solution

While your customers will reach out for support via email, ticketing, chat, social media and other customer service channels, with Parature, your customer service reps will have a centralized, organized system from which they can support all these customers.

Not only does this centralized help desk promote efficiency and productivity, but it also promotes consistency in customer service processes, best practices and reporting, as well as consistency in the information and updates being provided to customers.

24/7 Central, Secure Access

With Parature’s cloud-based software, great customer service is no longer limited by business hours and a physical office location. Parature offers secure, single sign-on access to your organization’s customer service desk from anywhere. All your reps need are a browser (yes, Parature is mobile accessible) and an internet connection. This is the future of customer service.

A Complete Customer and Service View

Not only will your organization achieve a 360-degree view of the customer and their service history, but your organization will also achieve a complete view of your multi-channel service and support efforts.

  • Centralize customer support requests and responses from all channels
  • 24/7, secure access from any location
  • Easy to use and easy to train new agents
  • Manage all of your agents/users
  • Customized for each agent – give them only what they need
  • Self-administration features to tailor the software to your needs
Added Features
  • SLA-based ticketing offers more options to prioritize support tickets and highlight SLA statuses
  • More powerful rules and alerts make agents more efficient and aware of outstanding issues
  • Widgets and API improvements pull in more information for CSRs and create integrations with other key systems and software
  • Mobile service desk lets agents view, manage and respond to support issues anytime, anywhere
  • Custom email templates seamlessly incorporate branding, messaging and encourage increased customer personalization
  • Premium reporting upgrades allow CSRs and managers to create more visually-appealing reports faster and in more formats than ever
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