Ticketing System

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When searching for answers on your website, sometimes your customers have questions that go beyond the scope of your knowledge base content. Parature Ticket allows customers to request help with even their most complex issues.  Customers submit trouble tickets online, which are then routed to the appropriate member of your support staff. A powerful, flexible workflow design lets you easily customize the process to meet your precise workflow system.

Customers can conveniently track the progress of their trouble tickets right from the Web. Automatic notifications let them know when their trouble ticket is resolved or when more information is required.

Download the Parature Ticket Feature Sheet
Learn more about Parature’s ticketing system software, allowing your customers to easily submit even their most complex problems questions and track their progress at their convenience.
Provide Effective Online Support

Create trouble ticket escalation and transfer rules based on any field option within the software. Use these rules to automatically assign support tickets to specific team members. Alert managers with automatic notifications when support tickets are not resolved within defined limits.

Measure Ticketing Success

Parature Ticket metrics track average time-to-resolution and end user satisfaction with customer service processes, so you always have a current reading on your overall support system quality. Measure success or make adjustments using detailed summaries of tickets handled by both teams and individuals.

Benefits of Parature Ticketing System Software
  • Standardize complex processes to resolve issues quickly through ticket management
  • Empower customers and end users to submit and track their trouble tickets online
  • Measure ticket analytics to gauge the effectiveness of teams and processes
  • Improve overall end user communications via prompt automated responses and notifications
  • Ensure complex issues are resolved quickly through this online service channel
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