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Parature’s robust customer service reporting tools provide real-time intelligence that allows your company to make informed business decisions and proactively adjust to trends. Track customer service requests, response times, the effectiveness of your customer service channels and CSRs, information downloads and more with custom report creation tools and easy data export to Excel. Plus, Parature provides the ability to create impressive charts and graphs (and everything looks 50% more impressive in chart or graph form).

Our Features
  • Parature Reportgives your organization the data and the tools necessary to provide a 360 degree view of your organization’s support effectiveness or zero in on specific functions, departments or dates. With Parature, you’ll be able to easily pull data from all of your support channels and compare each channel’s effectiveness to make informed decisions on changes – or reward stellar performance efforts. This robust monitoring tool is a must-have for every organization’s customer service and support structure.Read More >>

Major Benefits
  • Measure average response and resolution times for your customer service requests and track the performance of support reps across multiple channels
  • Anticipate and plan for peak support times; adjust your self-service content to be more effective
  • Create executive-ready reports, graphs and charts
  • Easily exports to Microsoft Excel for additional uses and analysis

“Utilizing Parature’s software has revolutionized the way we work with our customers, and it has enabled us to significantly improve our internal support processes. As a rapidly-growing company it’s particularly important for us to have streamlined processes and efficient, timely communication with our customers.

“Using Parature’s software has enabled that, and goes a step beyond by helping us track, report on and analyze the important metrics and trends needed to maintain our positive momentum. The reporting and trend analysis aspects have played key roles in justifying the addition of resources to the support team and demonstrating concrete results to company management.” – Brett Parkhurst, Chief Technology Officer, BuilderMT.

Parature is dedicated to its customers’ success. Through customizable solutions and the best in business reporting tools, we provide a customer service software that revolves around you. Find out more about the best multi-channel customer service solutions available. Click here for a free demo, email us at or call 1-877-GO-PARATURE.

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