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Whether you need to gauge the performance of your customer support team, the value of your knowledgebase content, or the overall quality of your products and services, Parature Report provides the real-time intelligence you need to make smart decisions.

Download the Parature Report Feature Sheet
Learn more about the module that empowers organizations with real-time information to make smart business decisions, gauge the performance of your customer support team or the overall quality of your products and services.
Measure Effectiveness and Make Adjustments

Get a better reading on customer support channel usage. Measure average response times for service requests. Track the performance of your customer support reps for better reviews and feedback. Learn which content on your site is most useful or if more content is needed. Parature Report is an invaluable tool for showing what processes work best and suggesting improvements for others.

Indentify and Plan For Peak Service Periods

Parature Report shows you peak service days and times throughout the year so that you can proactively plan for the future.

Premium Benefits

Parature Report Premium delivers even greater insights and more reporting options.

  • Combine results for various support areas into a single report
  • Create executive-ready reports and charts from 20+ packaged reports
  • Determine how effectively your support team is handling ticket and chat sessions
  • Evaluate the number of new accounts, customers, products or assets your support team is handling, and see growth rates for each
  • See how long each ticket stays in each state of your workflow. Determine what’s behind delays, and more.

All Parature Report data exports to Excel for even greater use and analysis. Parature provides customer service software that revolves around you.

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