Knowledgebase Software

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Give your audience convenient 24/7 access to the information and answers they need with Parature’s knowledge base software. From brochures and forms to how-to videos and FAQs, this searchable self-serve information resource offers your users 24/7 customer support, reducing repetitive questions and service requests while improving your support team’s efficiency and productivity.

Add to and organize content anytime and any way you wish – even invite your end users to get involved by helping to develop and identify the most valuable content in your knowledge base.

Download the Parature Knowledgebase Feature Sheet
Learn more about 24/7 self-service option where customers can help themselves to information, documentation, product briefs, answers to frequently-asked questions, how-to videos and more.
Custom Publishing Workflow

Ensure the quality and consistency of all product and service content. Statuses help you organize knowledge base topics and ensure that all authors follow a standardized publishing process. Administrative responsibilities and permissions manage content approval and publication, providing further quality controls to ensure your content meets set standards before it is seen by your customers.

The Power of Custom Content

Not only does knowledge base content provide your customers with the answers and information they need, it also provides your staff with the consistent product and service information necessary for superior customer service, and even staff training. And did we mention what custom content will do for your search engine rankings? The competitive advantage of content publishing is yours with Parature’s knowledge base software. 

  • Provide immediate, 24/7 self-service answers and information
  • Reduce the volume of customer support requests via phone and email
  • Reduce issue resolution times and repetitive inquiries
  • Provide different content to different groups (i.e., customers, potential customers, vendors, staff, etc.)
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