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Provide your customers with a 24/7 online support center via Parature Portal. The Parature Portal brings together a host of dynamic modules into a flexible, scalable, centralized online customer service solution that effectively manages your organization’s growing multi-channel service needs. Give customers the information and answers they want, when they want them, with the intuitive and fully-searchable Parature Knowledgebase enhanced by EasyAnswer functionality.

Allow customers to submit even their most complex questions or issues online at their convenience with Parature Ticket, a world-class lifecycle ticket management system for streamlined tracking,  routing and resolution. The Parature Portal empowers both your organization and your customers with round-the-clock professional online customer support.

Download the Parature Portal Feature Sheet
Learn more about providing a 24/7 professional, personalized external support portal that matches your customers’ unique needs and seamlessly matches your corporate branding.
Impressive Customization

Promote customer trust and maintain consistent branding throughout your multi-channel service offerings with Parature Portal. Parature’s flexible layout portal provides you with advanced, customized styling without the need for advanced design or coding skills. Parature works with you to ensure your online customer service portal seamlessly reflects your brand and incorporates any customer or user-specific language unique to your organization. Think of Parature as the American Chopper of the CRM world. Our goal is to create a customized solution that revolves around your organization and brand.

Improved Service Offerings

A comprehensive range of modules complements the Parature Portal, providing your organization with the ability to measure and report on customer satisfaction, offer personalized and proactive customer service online with live chat, and provide product or service history specific support to every customer.

Innovative Features
  • Seamlessly embed your entire portal or key features into almost any online property including your social media pages
  • Translate your portal and knowledge base content into different languages
  • Provide mobile support and portal access via popular mobile web browsers
  • Integrate social sharing and comment plugins, recent forum posts and other popular feeds
  • Integrate web analytics tagging
  • Integrate a federated search with additional external websites

Parature provides customer service software that revolves around you.

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