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Your customer engagement efforts are an important part of overall service and brand satisfaction. They say an image is worth a thousand words, and sometimes an image or a video is certainly more effective in presenting customers with the answers and information they need. Parature Download gives your customers easy access to a media-rich information library of almost any file type including software patches and downloads, media files, user manuals, purchase contracts and more.

Download the Parature Download Feature Sheet
Learn more about streamlining document organization and management. Get the documents your customers need the most in their hands, whenever they need it via an easily deployed information library.
Easy Set up and Organization

Set up any number of custom folders to organize and manage information for customers or other intended audiences. Full search capabilities complement this powerful support center module and with Parature Download, you can upload and embed customer support and how-to videos to watch right in your download center or within knowledge base articles. Permissions allow you to give different groups access to different information within the library so you can use your knowledge base to house training materials, product and service information, provide vendors with forms, or simply serve your customers with information.

Manage and Monitor Downloads

You control information library access. Create End User License Agreements so customers are automatically promoted to accept the agreement before downloading the file. You can also associate products to files to limit end user access to just the information pertaining to products they own or services they use.

Parature Download metrics provide the intelligence you need to measure effectiveness including how many times a file has been downloaded, when it was downloaded, by whom and more.

  • Ensure customers and other users have the information they need, whenever they need it
  • Save time managing and organizing support center documents
  • Attach any file to a knowledge base article or ticket including Windows Media, QuickTime, PDF, ZIP, drivers, jpgs and more
  • Embed videos within knowledge base articles
  • Give different user groups access to different areas within the information library
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