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When you select Parature, you don’t get a sales-driven software vendor. You get a partner who is invested in your success. Just ask our customers who are incredibly passionate about Parature’s personalized customer service and support. We listen and engage with our clients and maintain customer relationships, because it is our customers’ ideas, needs and suggestions that continue to drive our success. At Parature, our customers had us at “hello.”

  • Parature Implementation As a SaaS CRM solution, Parature saves you time and money because there’s no software to install, no hardware to buy, and no involvement from your IT staff is required to begin using it. Parature works with its customers to understand how their business processes work, and then configures and customizes its client management software to best work for you. You can immediately begin focusing on better customer service and support instead of on the technology you just purchased. We take care of everything for you.Read More >>

  • Parature Training

    Parature tailors its training to your individual business model and also your organization’s schedules and timelines. Training is easy as your team follows along with our instructor from their web browsers. Plus, Parature provides training for various levels within your organization. CSR training focuses on features and functionality for daily use and increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Manager training gives insights into Parature’s client management reporting and customer survey tools to gauge CSR performance and overall customer satisfaction. Parature administrator training creates in-house Parature customer service experts. Onsite training is also available.Read More >>

  • Parature Optimization Parature is not a cookie-cutter solution. It’s designed to complement and grow with your organization’s business processes. Most clients find that once they’re familiar with Parature, they discover ways they can tune and expand on its features to make their business functions even better. Parature works with you and your staff to ensure maximum functionality and ROI.Read More >>

  • Parature Support We aren’t just selling top notch multi-channel customer support solutions. We provide top notch multi-channel support to our customers. We walk the walk and we talk the talk when it comes to customer service – and that’s what sets Parature apart. Whether it’s a call, an email, a visit to our always-open online support center or a question on our Facebook page, Parature is there.
    We even provide weekly online Parature University tips and tricks, and discuss ideas and improvements with our customers online and in person at regular meet-ups. And if you’re ever in the Washington, DC Metro area, stop by and say hello or take a break from the daily grind in our game room. Parature takes its customer service seriously, but we make working with a software provider refreshingly enjoyable.

Major Benefits
  • Parature makes its customer service software work for you. Customization, scalability and flexibility set Parature customer service software apart from cookie-cutter CRM solutions.
  • Parature conducts a complete needs analysis and review of your current systems prior to implementation to ensure your organization receives maximum benefit and ROI from Parature solutions.
  • We’re incredibly helpful and we listen to our customers’ ideas and suggestions. Customer-driven innovation is a key to our success – and our customers’.
  • Our training is comprehensive, level specific, and your staff can learn to use Parature by following our instructor on their web browser.

“Our setup is different than most retailers with the way we connect with customers. Customization ended up being a really big factor. Parature does what we need in the way we need and is able to adjust based on our requirements.”- Brianne Hattaway, Director of Customer Support,

Parature provides customer service software that revolves around you. Find out more about the best multi-channel customer service solutions available. Click here for a free demo, email us at or call 1-877-GO-PARATURE.

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