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Think installing and implementing a new customer service software system has to be complex? Think again. With the Parature SaaS advantage, our customers have no software to download, no need to hire consultants or pull in their IT department, and there’s no extra hardware purchases needed. Parature takes care of everything for you.

100% Dedication to Customer Service

As the only company that dedicates 100% of its efforts to on-demand customer service and support software, you might imagine we take serving and supporting our own customers very seriously. It’s true, and we have implementation down to a science.

Download the Parature Implementation Feature Sheet
Learn more about Parature’s services that enable your organization to configure Parature’s rich features and functionality to work with and enhance your unique business processes.
  • We’ll determine how to best configure Parature’s rich features and functionality to meet your unique use case and business priorities.
  • Our expert analysts will manage the project timeline start to finish to keep you on track for fully configuring your system swiftly and efficiently.
  • Our “train the trainer” model empowers your team to get up to speed in no time, guaranteed. We’ll work with you to provide a thorough overview and complete the setup of Parature features based on your precise use case and requirements.
  • We’ll make sure if you’re importing data from another system, the data you need is imported accurately and quickly.
100% Dedication to Our Customers

Once your Parature system is configured, you are empowered with the ability to manage, maintain and update your customer service software system as your business grows and changes. Additionally, the Parature Professional Services team is available for optimization services.

You’ll have access to the Parature Support Team, plus a rich, active community of Parature users through ShareIdeas, a website exclusively for Parature customers. Meet like-minded professionals here to exchange ideas, best practices and share solutions.

For more information about Parature Implementation Services, contact

  • Accelerate your time to launch
  • Ensure the most efficient use of Parature features
  • Be prepared to meet future business needs with customization and scalability
  • Convenient, not time consuming. All services can be conducted via web meetings and conference calls if you prefer.
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