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Parature delivers customer service software that revolves around you, so your team’s training is individually tailored to your business model. In addition, your staff never has to leave their desk for training on the Parature support platform. They can follow along with Parature’s instructor right from their Web browser at the time set by your organization. The following provides examples of Parature level-specific training topics:

Administrator Training
  • Master the use of editors to customize workflows, rules and dependencies
  • Create end user groups, control permissions on a granular level, filter portal content
  • Learn how to make modifications to the portal to maximize customer satisfaction
Manager Training
  • Learn how to use Parature’s reporting tools to gauge your team’s workload and evaluate team and individual performance
  • Use surveys and reports to analyze your customer base to best determine current and future support and product needs
  • Review concepts for building queues and routing rules to create seamless organization and automation
Customer Support Representative (CSR) Training
  • Get an in-depth look at the features and functionality you need to use most
  • Learn how to create custom field views and filter content to capture critical information
  • Pick up time-saving tips and tricks to make it easy to communicate and collaborate with team members and customers
Dedicated On-Site Training

Parature is happy to bring the training to your office. Onsite training programs are extremely customizable and hands-on, not one-size-fits-all, so you have maximum flexibility to get the right people at the right time in on the training.

We’ll walk your team through practical exercises and Q&A sessions to build essential skills. Courses cover everything from the fundamentals to in-depth topics for different user groups including administrators and managers.

For more information, contact your account manager.

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