Parature Facebook Portal

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Facebook is one of the Web’s most popular destinations for consumers who want to learn more about and engage with brands and organizations via social media. The Parature Facebook Portal ensures businesses and organizations are prepared at all times to support their customers and followers on social media around the clock with a dedicated 24/7 customer service center incorporated as part of the brand’s Facebook page.

Download the Parature Facebook Portal Feature Sheet
Learn more about the module that allows your organization to provide a 24/7 self-service and full-service customer service and support presence on your brand’s Facebook pages.
24/7 Support on Social Media

In addition to posting on your brand’s Facebook wall or sending direct messages, with the Parature Facebook Portal, customers now have access to an always-available support center where they can access FAQs and submit support tickets without ever having to leave social media. Parature Knowledgebase, Parature Ticket and Parature Chat can all be easily and seamlessly integrated into your organization’s Facebook presence. Many of today’s leaders in customer service and engagement already use the Parature Facebook Portal in complement with the Parature Social Monitor to deliver comprehensive social customer service and engagement.

Major Benefits
  • Provide immediate self-service support – allow customers to find an answer or receive updated information via a complete support center on your brand’s Facebook page.
  • Consumers can ask more complex questions or submit support issues via Parature’s help desk ticket system or get immediate, personalized assistance via live chat.
  • Deflect customer complaints and issues from your brand’s Facebook wall.
  • Increase customer retention and loyalty. Provide a consistent level of service and consistent information to your customers wherever they are – even on social media.
  • Easily installs as a seamlessly branded tab on your Facebook page.
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