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Responsive customer service on social media is becoming a key business differentiator and is critical to enhancing the multi-channel customer experience, but large businesses and organizations have been challenged by a lack of resources, developing efficient collaboration among departments and teams, handling volume, scale and social noise, and incorporating social customer service into the same interface with which they manage all other customer service channels to achieve a 360-degree view of the customer.

With its Social Monitor, Parature delivers a social media monitoring and response product designed specifically for customer service teams to help organizations improve customer satisfaction across multiple channels, increase customer retention and protect brand reputation, all while improving internal efficiencies.

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Learn more about the module that allows your organization provide 100% of your customers with a positive engagement experience on social media to drive increased customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, customer retention and brand reputation.
Key Features

Parature Social Monitor addresses the needs of the customer service industry by providing organizations, and specifically customer service teams, with a solution to actively monitor, manage and respond to comments and questions from multiple social media channels – and multiple accounts within each channel, thereby ensuring a positive customer experience.

The Social Monitor automatically creates customer service tickets that can be responded to or routed to the appropriate person or Subject Matter Expert (SME) within your organization to respond to in a timely manner. All teams, including sales, customer service, marketing and more, can collaborate using just one tool to resolve customer inquiries faster, and more efficiently.

Key features include:

  • View content, capture the social customer service history and respond in real-time to customer service on multiple Facebook pages and multiple Twitter accounts, all from one intuitive UI
  • Search across usernames and message content to find posts by keywords or users. Identify social media influencers (those with a large number of followers) prior to response
  • Create customer support tickets from any social media activity and respond with efficient and more effective answers
  • Better understand what customers are talking about by tagging related posts and viewing threads
  • Respond back directly from the service desk to social media or to other channels (i.e. email) as needed for the convenience of the customer or to reply a more effective response.

With the addition of the Parature Social Monitor to Parature’s Social Customer Service Suite, Parature has created the ultimate multichannel customer service and customer experience UI where phone, email, social, web are all managed in one place to achieve a 360-degree view of the customer.

Major Benefits

Parature Social Monitor’s major benefits to businesses include:

  • One centralized user interface for customer service agents to monitor, manager, respond to and record activity from social channels and respond to valid inquiries.
  • All teams within an organization, including sales, customer service and marketing, can collaborate to resolve customer inquiries more efficiently and with more effective answers from SMEs.
  • Organizations can monitor and manage multiple social media accounts and reply to customers using their unique social personas/accounts.
  • Powerful workflow and routing rules ensure all questions are being answered and within a timely matter or following set SLAs.
  • Sophisticated threading allows businesses to follow and maintain conversations with a single customer amid additional conversations or social noise, creating a deeper one-to-one customer engagement.
  • Customer service representatives can leverage existing knowledgebases to deliver consistent answers to customers or links to more detailed information or customer service content through social media.

For more information regarding the Parature Social Monitor, please fill out the Live Demo Form.

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