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  • Justifying Knowledge Management In Customer Service
    CRM analyst and ThinkJar founder Esteban Kolsky not only outlines the benefits of knowledge management for customer service (as well as sales and marketing), but walks you through the five (5) steps of justifying a new or greater investment.

  • 2014 State of Multichannel Customer Service Survey
    The 2014 State of Multichannel Customer Service Survey shows that old channels are not going away; new channels such as social and mobile are now in play, and customer expectations for service, speed and accuracy are on the rise.

  • Customer Service: 6 Take-Note Trends for 2014
    To ensure your organization is positioned to stay ahead of competitors by understanding your customers better than anyone else, this white paper highlights what industry analysts and consultants say about key service and support trends you should be tracking in 2014 including social customer service, personalization, big data, the Internet of Things, best-of-breed technologies and human-to-human (H2H) interaction best practices.

  • Content as a Competitive Advantage: 6 Best Practices for Knowledgebase Development
    With the growing role of content as a service differentiator, a high-functioning knowledge management infrastructure is a mandate for competitive service delivery today.

  • Customer Service Spotlight: 5 Trends for 2013
    Service leaders must always be poised to gauge the impact of market trends on their operations and their customers and act accordingly. This year’s trends, as identified by industry experts, focus on the growing need to empower customers,
    as well as service agents, with information and technology.

  • Conquering Customer Service Data Management
    If your service organization is part of a large corporation investing in an enterprise-wide MDM strategy, you should be involved in the effort to provide input and identify key transactional, reference and relationship service data. Learn what metrics your organization needs to measure and how to start measuring.

  • Treat Your Agents Well: Service Thrives on Engaged Employees
    To find out how you can improve your turnover rates and develop high-performing agents who excel at service delivery, download this complimentary white paper. You’ll get expert recommendations for motivating and engaging your front-line workforce.

  • The 5 Best Customer Service Practices to Steal from the Retail Industry
    Retailers have spent decades honing their practices with the goal of keeping customers happy during the busiest times of the year. There are lessons that are applicable to many non-retail organizations. This Parature white paper will give you insight into the 5 best practices you can learn from the retail industry on customer service.


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