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  • Customer Service Spotlight: What to Watch for in 2012

    Trends in customer service for 2012 spotlight growing momentum in key areas that are changing the way service organizations interface with customers and how customers interface with each other. Download this white paper to learn about the leading trends for 2012.

  • Treat Your Agents Well: Service Thrives on Engaged Employees

    To find out how you can improve your turnover rates and develop high-performing agents who excel at service delivery, download this complimentary white paper. You’ll get expert recommendations for motivating and engaging your front-line workforce.

  • The 5 Best Customer Service Practices to Steal from the Retail Industry

    Retailers have spent decades honing their practices with the goal of keeping customers happy during the busiest times of the year. There are lessons that are applicable to many non-retail organizations. This Parature white paper will give you insight into the 5 best practices you can learn from the retail industry on customer service.

  • Organizing Your Business to Deliver Effective Social Media Engagement

    To create the level of collective responsibility and commitment needed to become a true social enterprise, corporations need cross-company collaboration, with the entire business invested in prioritizing social engagement initiatives. Social media affects every aspect of the business, and as such, requires buy-in and effort from every department and individual who will ever interact with or impact a customer.

    Discovery why ownership is the wrong construct for the social enterprise, and why cross-departmental collaboration is the only model that can enable social media best practices across business units.

  • Five Trends in Social Media for Response Management and Customer Engagement

    To differentiate your business, organizations must be where their customers are. Where they are, increasingly, is in the cloud. But to harness the potential that social engagement offers, service, marketing, and social media teams must collaborate. Discover the top 5 trends for response and engagement in the world of social media.

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