Parature Product White Papers

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  • Managing the Entire Student Life-Cycle with Integrated Campus-Wide Support Software

    Parature for Education is a complete end-to-end support and service solution specifically designed for higher education institutions that want to simplify the support process and reduce costs across every department.

  • How to Use Facebook to Engage Your Customers and Deliver Great Customer Service

    Parature for Facebook provides organizations and companies in every industry the ability to extend their service, sales, support and personalized communications to the social media channel. Whether you are in retail, gaming, politics, government, media, high technology or higher education, Parature for Facebook empowers your external-facing teams to provide top-tier service, protect your brand, and increase awareness, all while keeping service-costs low and providing immediate impact.

  • The Advantages of Using “Live Chat” in Your Customer Service Organization

    Parature Chat™ puts the power in the hands of your customer service representatives (CSRs) to identify, engage and simulate a rich, meaningful and satisfying communication that quickly resolves issues while keeping support costs low.

  • How to Capture Customer Feedback to Gauge Satisfaction and Improve Retention

    Parature Feedback™ and Parature Survey™ are application components of the Parature suite, and are focused on helping companies implement a continuous feedback and survey process that incorporates the VOC into your operational and support activities, putting you on the path to becoming a more customer-focused organization.

  • How to Use a Customer Support Portal to Deliver Multi-Channel Service

    Parature Portal™ is created for today’s Web-savvy customers who prefer to get things done in a fast-paced, 24/7 online environment. Parature Portal provides the underpinning of your customers’ overall self-service experience. This is where it all begins for them—from here they can easily access a fully searchable knowledgebase or check on the status of a ticket, obtaining the information they need and greatly improving the chances for first-contact resolution.

  • Customer Self-Service – How to Achieve First Contact Resolution

    The Parature Knowledgebase™ and Parature Download™ modules as well as the EasyAnswer feature put the power of information in your customers’ hands. They get fast, easy, 24/7 access to the answers they need most, leaving them satisfied and likely to spread the word about their productive experience with your organization—driving new and repeat business.

  • How to Use a Ticket System to Efficiently Manage Customer Service Issues and Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Parature Ticket™ is the Parature module that automates, routes and tasks all submitted service and support inquiries according to your organization’s unique workflow in real time so your organization can improve the quality of the support interaction for the customer and the overall productivity and profitability of your service center.

  • How to Easily Create and Analyze Charts & Graphs to Improve Your Customer Service

    Parature Report™ is a fully integrated, support-focused application that allows you to analyze all of your Parature support data—from average ticket resolution times to customer feedback from chat sessions to trends in customer issues. Parature gives you the analytical power to see what you’re getting for your efforts, and it makes it easy to measure customer satisfaction and keep tabs on quality assurance in real time.

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