Meet the Parature Team, Learn More about Parature’s Integration with JIRA at the 2012 Atlassian Summit

One of the major benefits of cloud computing is that organizations no longer need to find and make a long-term investment in the perfect all-inclusive platform; they can now easily create the perfect platform to match their unique business needs and processes.

The latest innovations in cloud computing are making the integration of best-in-class business applications even easier and more collaborative than ever before. Today, Parature Customer Service Software’s integrations include many of the industry’s leading CRM, ERP, IVR, AMS and bug tracking software products including Lithium, Microsoft Dynamics, Get Satisfaction, Salesforce, OneLogin, Vindicia, Angel and now, JIRA, Atlassian’s highly-configurable project tracking tool used for bug tracking, issue tracking and project management.

About the Parature to JIRA Integration
This beneficial integration allows collaboration between your support agents working in Parature and developers working in JIRA by automatically creating JIRA issues from Parature tickets and updating important information between the two systems.

Major Benefits:

  • Create a new JIRA issue from a Parature ticket
  • Link a Parature ticket to an existing JIRA issue
  • Map Parature ticket fields to JIRA issue fields
  • Automatically update or resolve Parature tickets by updating, resolving JIRA issues

In Parature, a JIRA issue is automatically created and JIRA fields are automatically populated when a Parature user clicks the “Send to JIRA” button in their Actions navigation.

Click here to download the Parature to JIRA Integration feature sheet.
Click here to view Parature to JIRA Integration details on the Atlassian Plugin Exchange.

Meet with Parature at the 2012 Atlassian Summit
Parature is a sponsor and exhibitor at Atlassian’s fourth annual user conference which brings together hundreds of customers, partners and experts to explore what makes a technical team work together artfully. Stop by Parature’s booth at the Atlassian Summit May 30 – June 1 at the Design Center Concourse in San Francisco to meet the Parature team!

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