My Challenge Is

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  1. 1 High Request Volume

    My organization’s customer service representatives are spending hours each day answering the same questions over and over again via phone and email. I’m looking for a way to reduce the amount of repetitive questions coming in to our customer service representatives, increase CSR productivity, and allow customers to find quick, accurate and consistent answers to their questions without needing to contact a customer support rep.

  2. 2 CSR Productivity

    My organization needs a proven way to track and improve upon our customer service representatives’ productivity. We want to provide more efficient, effective and consistent customer service across more channels without having to add staff. We also want a central, easy-to-use system to make customer service easier for our current CSRs, and to ensure our customer service standards in the event of staff turnover.

  3. 3 Customer Support on Social Networks

    I want to be able to easily monitor, control and quickly respond to any questions or comments on my company’s Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages. I don’t want to have to watch our organization’s social media pages 24/7 or worry what people are posting. I also want to make my organization’s Facebook page a new customer service channel where customers can find information and answers to their questions there whenever they’re online.

  4. 4 Customer Retention

    My company is looking for a way to deliver legendary customer service and engagement to increase customer retention. We need an effective way to reach out to our current customers and ensure they are happy with our products, services and customer care. If they have questions or concerns, we want to be able to make sure they’re addressed and taken care of as quickly as possible. We need an intuitive system that allows us to see our customer’s information and customer service history at a glance.

  5. 5 System Integration

    My organization needs a cloud-based customer service solution that integrates with our current systems and also with the online business applications we use on a daily basis like WebEx, LogMeIn, Microsoft Dynamics, Google Apps and more. We need a system that will allow us to easily expand our services, as well. We want a software-as-a-service customer service solution that can be customized to our business’ needs, not a one-size-fits-all solution.

  6. 6 Metrics and Reporting

    I need customer service metrics and reporting tools that bring together and compare data from all my customer service channels, so I can see not only what works best for us, but who works best for us. I also need intuitive reporting tools. There’s so much information; I need in-depth reporting, but I also need 24/7 access to the most meaningful and useful data that will help our business predict and proactively adjust to changes and trends. Custom report creation and easy export to Excel are must-have features for me.

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