Customer Support on Social Networks

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My Challenge Is: Customer Support on Social Networks

I want to be able to easily monitor, control and quickly respond to any questions or comments on my company’s Facebook and Twitter pages. I don’t want to have to watch our organization’s social media accounts 24/7 or worry what people are posting. I also want to make our organization’s Facebook page an online customer service channel where people visiting our page can find the information and answers they need about our company, products and services.

Parature Solution: Parature for Social Media

Parature is leading the way in social CRM solutions for businesses and organizations. Parature was the first CRM software provider to launch a solution for direct customer engagement on Facebook and Twitter, and we continue to lead the social CRM revolution.

Be in full control of your social media presence and better engage your customers and target audience with Parature. We are invested in our customers’ success, especially when it comes to innovation.

  • Parature for Facebook provides businesses and organizations with a 24/7, real-time solution for monitoring and responding to Facebook wall conversations, posts and comments. Now you can be an integral part of the conversations that affect your customers and never miss a post, question or comment again. Monitor for specific keywords such as “help,” “service,” “thanks” or “love,” (with Parature, you’ll get more customer “thanks” and “loves”) or monitor every post that is made on your Facebook wall.

    Customer requests via social media can immediately be turned into a help ticket on Parature to ensure their most timely resolution. In addition, Parature proactively captures and eliminates any foul or inappropriate language before it is posted to your social media channels. Convenient routing options and alerts let you send Facebook questions and comments to the individuals within your organization who can provide the best answer. In addition, you can integrate Parature Chat, Parature Ticket and Parature Knowledgebase solutions seamlessly on your Facebook page to create a new, multi-service customer support channel.

Major Benefits
  • Monitors questions and posts on social media in real time so you can respond immediately
  • Allows questions and comments to be routed to the person within your organization who can best answer
  • Provides 24/7 protection against foul and inappropriate language
  • Integrates seamlessly with other Parature customer service solutions so that you can provide customer service on your social media channels

“Threadless is built on community feedback and community input. It’s always something that’s been driving our company. The Facebook application swayed us toward Parature. We have lot of activity on our Facebook page. We want support to be wherever customers are, so it’s convenient for them to connect with us.” – Brianne Hattaway, Director of Customer Support,

Parature provides customer service software that revolves around you. Find out more about the best social CRM solutions available. Click here for a free demo, email us at or call 1-877-GO-PARATURE.

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