High Request Volume

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My Challenge: High Request Volume

My organization’s customer support representatives are spending hours each day answering the same questions over and over again via phone and email, and our customer base continues to grow. I’m looking for a way to decrease the amount of repetitive questions coming in to our customer service representatives, increase overall CSR productivity, and allow more customers to find answers to their questions without having to contact a customer support rep.

Parature Solution: Multi-Channel Self-Service Solution

Quickly turn your organization’s high request volume down from level 10 to an easy-to-manage level 1. Parature’s multi-channel self-service solutions empower customers to quickly and easily find answers to their most-commonly asked questions online.

Using Parature, you’ll quickly see a reduced volume of calls and emails and be able to serve more customers without adding staff. Plus, Parature provides custom integration so that your self-service solution is seamlessly integrated with your current customer support channels.

  • Parature Portal provides a 24/7 customer support center that is integrated into your organization’s current website. This cloud-based help center gives your customers easy and convenient access to an intuitive, searchable knowledge base which delivers quick answers to the most-commonly asked service and support questions. If your customers require or desire personal support, they can submit a help ticket, track its progress at their convenience and receive an automatic email notification when an answer is available for them.
  • Parature Knowledgebase offers an intuitive self-service solution that delivers quick answers to common questions and support issues and provides essential downloads including forms, how-to videos, product manuals, information updates and more. Easily add and update information and customize its placement to put the most-requested information in a prominent location.
  • Parature Download is the ultimate tool to give your customers the information and updates they need without having to call or email a customer service representative. Provide software patches and downloads, how-to videos, product brochures and more. Track and report on download activity in real time.
Major Benefits
  • Reduce the number of repetitive support questions for CSRs
  • Empower customers and reduce resolution times; improve customer satisfaction
  • Drive down call and email volume; provide 24/7 support
  • Increase knowledge regarding customer support questions and issues

“Web self-service with Parature allowed us to keep support staff levels the same. We’ve grown our client base by 350% without adding headcount which reduces our cost of providing service. Without it, we would have needed a new agent for every 10 new clients, which would be numerous new headcount every quarter.” – Paige Newcombe, Senior Director of Global Client Services, Coremetrics

Parature provides customer service software that revolves around you. Find out more about the best multi-channel self-service customer service solutions available. Click here for a free demo, email us at sales@parature.com or call 1-877-GO-PARATURE.

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