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My Challenge Is: Metrics and Reporting

I need customer support metrics and reporting tools that pull the data from all my customer service channels into one central location, so that I can see not only what is working best for our organization, but also who is working best for our organization. I need in-depth reporting, but I also need 24/7 access to the most meaningful and useful data that will help our business predict and proactively adjust to changes and trends. Custom report creation and easy export to Excel are must-have features for me.

Parature Solution: Parature Reporting Tools

Parature’s robust reporting tools complement every Parature solution and provide real-time intelligence that allows your company to make informed business decisions and proactively adjust to trends. Track customer service requests, response times, the effectiveness of your customer service channels and CSRs, information downloads and more with custom report creation tools and easy data export to Excel.

  • Parature Report gives your organization the data and the tools necessary to provide a 360o view of your organization’s support effectiveness or zero in on specific functions, departments or dates. With Parature, you’ll be able to easily pull data from all of your support channels and compare each channel’s effectiveness to make informed decisions on changes – or reward stellar performance efforts. This robust tool is a must-have for every organization’s service and support structure.
  • Parature Report Premium provides extra tracking, analysis, and reporting power to give you invaluable intelligence across key performance areas. Fully customized and fully integrated, Parature Report Premium gives you valuable intelligence across all your Parature modules to track everything from response times to staff requirements. The Premium Report Designer lets you customize reporting on trends, growth, performance, and ticket activity. You also get seamless access to over 20 packaged reports covering ticket workflow, knowledge base activity, download file history, full customer account information, and a host of other reports.
Major Benefits
  • Measure average response and resolution times for your service requests and track the performance of support reps across multiple channels
  • Anticipate and plan for peak support times; adjust your self-service content to be more effective
  • Create executive-ready reports and charts
  • Easily exports to Microsoft Excel for additional uses and analysis

“Parature gives us really good data for Development to address in future releases. Since implementing Parature Customer Service software, the support team and customers have noticed the results — including faster resolution times. Even as our customer base has increased, we have not had to add staff. Average resolution times decreased by 80 percent. A lot of that is due to the change in methodology and using Parature.” – James Foster, Client Data Operations Manager, e-MDs

Know your customers, and the efficiency and effectiveness of your customer service efforts, like never before. Click here to learn more about Parature Reporting. Parature provides customer service software that revolves around you. Find out more about the best multi-channel customer service solutions available. Click here for a free demo, email us at or call 1-877-GO-PARATURE.

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