Integrating the Parature Customer Service Cloud with other critical systems opens up a whole new level of visibility, intelligence and efficiency for your organization, leading to greater customer satisfaction and support efforts. In fact, we guarantee much greater employee satisfaction if your new software works with all your current applications – MUCH GREATER.

The Parature API

API is a secure, public, REST-based XML Application Programming Interface (API) that allows you to move data in and out of your Parature system to integrate with other critical systems. For example, the Parature API would allow you to synchronize Parature with your ERP systems contacts, accounts, support plans, service level agreements and even your organization’s sales automation software. Benefits include:

  • Integrate Parature with the systems you use most
  • Easily sync contact, product and other critical information between all systems
  • Have all the information you need to better serve your customers
  • Gain the maximum return on your business investments

Parature Partners

Our technology partners provide best-in-class applications that complement Parature’s product suite to optimize performance, provide greater visibility and intelligence into customer service processes, and gain maximum return on investment.