Create Amazing Customer Experiences

Leverage knowledge, empower your customers and provide care everywhere.

As customer service expectations and the number of customer service delivery channels continue to grow, front-line representatives are increasingly challenged by the ability to deliver real-time answers and information, along with consistent care across channels.

Whether you have a cloud-based or online CRM, Parature can help. By providing organizations with a combination of knowledge management, self-service and multi-channel interactions, Parature allows you to create amazing customer experiences.

Leverage Knowledge

Boost employee productivity with quick access to consistent and organized information with Knowledge Management.

Empower Your Customers

Empower consumers with intelligent and guided self-service, accessible 24/7 with Self-Service Portals.

Provide Care Everywhere

Provide consistent engagement across channels for precise, personalized support with Multi-Channel Engagement.

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Precise and Personalized Engagement

Starting with case management and then Parature’s knowledge management capabilities, brands can easily access and deliver consistent information across departments internally, and then also across channels to the customer.

By adding Parature’s self-service portal to your online or cloud-based CRM, repetitive inquiries on high-cost channels — as well as overall support costs — are noticeably and effectively reduced. Additionally, customer satisfaction will increase due to 24/7 availability of answers and information.

With a strong and centralized customer service and support foundation in place, brands can then consistently deliver precise and personalized engagement across all major channels. This enhanced effectiveness and efficiency empowers customer service representatives (CSRs) to focus on creating amazing customer experiences, so that brands can leverage exceptional customer service as a competitive differentiator.