SoMoLo: A Profile of Today’s Connected Customer [INFOGRAPHIC]

Two of the most disruptive technologies in the last decade have combined to create a customer experience challenge – or opportunity – depending on how you look at it and how prepared your brand is. The SoMoLo (Social-Mobile-Local) customer demands a real-time customer experience, consulting their smartphone and social media to make purchasing, brand loyalty and influencing decisions at every turn.

Consider these 2012 stats from Epathica:

  • At least half of consumers with smartphones have searched for online reviews about a retailer on location.
  • 55 percent of smartphone owners report that they have used their devices to check and compare prices while shopping.
  • Nearly three-quarters of consumers use Facebook to make retail or restaurant decisions, while half of consumers have tried a new brand due to a social media recommendation.
  • One in 10 smartphone owners have written a review on a website or social media platform while in-store.

This featured infographic by Parature’s Rachel Begeman provides a detailed profile of the SoMoLo customer, a customer we’ll all be seeing much, much more of in the near future:

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