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As your membership becomes increasingly connected via the web and smartphone, expectations for 24/7 communication and service grow. Parature centralizes all your membership support efforts, so that you can provide timely and efficient multi-channel communication and service using the staff you currently have – no matter how large your membership grows.

Major Benefits
  • Maintain a high touch dialogue with members and deliver relevant and personalized communication to increase membership loyalty and retention
  • Centralize multi-channel association or professional society support and membership data into one system
  • Reduce support and information requests via email and phone
  • Provide consistent support and information across multiple channels, including social media

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Provide 24/7 Support and Information

Professional associations and societies require a reliable customer service solution that can easily handle a high volume of interactions across multiple channels. That’s why today’s top associations are turning to Parature for a smarter, more efficient way to serve and support their member base around-the-clock.

Parature Customer Service Software integrates a fully-customizable online support portal, an intuitive self-service knowledgebase (which provides quick access to minutes, annual reports, FAQs and other communication and documentation), plus online help desk ticketing and a host of complementary modules to improve support offerings. Robust feedback and reporting tools allow you to learn more about your membership and what matters most to them.

Create a Self-Service Information Center
that Lowers Support Costs and Increases Efficiency

Parature Customer Service Software incorporates an intuitive, searchable knowledgebase where association members can easily access answers to frequently asked questions, download forms, read articles, watch videos and more. This robust self-serve knowledgebase system immediately increases support efficiencies across the board, as repetitive phone or email questions are dramatically reduced. If an individual does require additional assistance, they can easily submit a question or request via Parature’s customer support ticketing system or engage with an association staffer via live chat.

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Interact with Members via Social Media

Because associations are becoming increasingly active on online channels, Parature also offers a social media solution that allows association staff to effectively monitor for member activity on their social media pages and promptly respond. Click here to read about Parature for Social Media.

Parature provides customer service software that revolves around you. For more information or a demonstration on Parature’s solutions for the service industry, Click here for a free demo, email us at or call 1-877-GO-PARATURE.

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