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Parature Customer Service Software for education provides a visually-seamless online support portal, a self-service knowledgebase, online help desk ticketing, and a host of complementary modules in one dynamic system that manages multiple needs and streamlines administrative support.

Major Benefits
  • Maintain a high touch dialogue and engagement with students, staff, faculty, alumni and parents
  • Provide consistent, real-time support and information across multiple channels, including social media
  • Make multiple campuses more efficient
  • Reduce repetitive phone calls and emails

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Create a Self-Service Information Center

Parature Customer Service Software for education gives students, faculty, staff and other select audiences 24/7 online access to a searchable, intuitive knowledgebase where they can help themselves to schedules, calendars, manuals, policies, online curriculum, forms, tech support solutions for campus systems and all the latest information updates. Providing a way to easily answer the most common and repetitive questions without having to engage staff in daily calls and emails makes Parature an invaluable resource for the education community.

When more personal assistance is needed, students, staff and other users can easily submit a trouble ticket, check its status at their convenience, and receive an automatic email when it’s resolved.

In addition to providing information to external audiences, school systems can set up their Parature portal to provide faculty and staff with payroll information, leave requests and other internal documents.

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Support Communication on Social Media

Because students, staff, alumni and parents are using social media more than ever to interact with their schools, Parature also offers a solution that allows schools to monitor their social media presence for any questions, support requests or inappropriate language, and respond accordingly in real time. Click here to read about Parature for Social Media.

Parature provides customer service software that revolves around you. For more information on Parature’s web-based customer service solution for education, Click here for a free demo, email us at or call 1-877-GO-PARATURE.

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