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All government agencies, whether federal or state or local, have made it their priority to improve and simplify citizen engagement, as well as their internal customer service processes. That’s why more than 35 government agencies such as the EPA  and NASA SEWP have selected Parature.

When it comes to providing increased service and support, Parature provides a secure and centralized multi-channel solution that can efficiently handle a growing volume of interactions across all major citizen engagement channels including social media and mobile. In addition, Parature offers a fully-customizable cloud-based solution that is cost effective, scalable and integrates with your current processes.

Major Benefits
  • Centralize multi-channel customer service and customer data into one system
  • Provides consistent and up-to-date self-service information via multi-channel knowledgebase
  • Reduce repetitive inbound support and information requests via email and phone
  • Superior reporting and feedback modules allow you to measure, evaluate and improve your support processes and efforts
  • Customizable and scalable; integrates with current business systems and processes

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Provide Secure 24/7 Support and Information Access

Today, government agencies of all sizes at every level are turning to Parature for efficient, effective service and support – not just for the general public, but for their contractors, vendors and staff.

Parature Customer Service Software for government integrates a robust online support portal, an intuitive self-service knowledgebase, online help desk ticketing and a host of complementary business modules into one dynamic system to manage the unique needs of multiple departments and streamline support efforts across the board. In addition, Parature integrates world-class security and user authentication measures to ensure your data remains secure.

Create a Self-Service Center that
Lowers Costs and Increases Efficiency

Parature Customer Service Software for government provides a comprehensive and secure 24/7 support presence that matches your agency or department’s unique needs. In addition, the portal becomes a visually-seamless part of your current online presence to increase trust and ease of use.

From the cloud-based support portal, visitors have immediate access to an intuitive and searchable knowledgebase where they can easily access the information your agency wants or needs to provide, including answers to frequently-asked questions, policies and procedures, downloadable forms, laws and regulations, fact sheets, the latest information updates and more.

Repetitive phone and email requests are reduced as individuals find the answers and information they need online. If an individual still needs personal assistance after utilizing the online knowledgebase, they can easily utilize live chat or submit a help desk ticket, track its progress at their convenience, and receive an automatic email when their help ticket is resolved.

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Provide Citizen Support and Engagement via Social Media

Because the public is increasingly turning to social media for commentary, questions and real-time information, Parature offers an intelligent solution that allows agencies to monitor their online presence for any questions, support requests or inappropriate language on social media channels, and respond accordingly in real time. Plus, it provides direct access to your agency’s self-serve knowledgebase and support portal on your agency’s Facebook page, so your audience does not have to go to another customer service channel for support. Click here to read about Parature for Social Media.

For more information or a demonstration on Parature’s solutions for government, Click here for a free demo, email us at or call 1-877-GO-PARATURE.

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