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Whether it’s a video game, e-zine, a learning program or another online interactive experience, interactive media providers require a reliable user support system that serves their unique audience at their convenience. Parature offers a dynamic, 24/7 solution that’s as customizable as your IM offering and keeps your users fully engaged instead of frustrated by problems or disruptions.

Major Benefits
  • Centralize multi-channel customer support and customer data into one system
  • Provide 24/7 service and support; integrate support center in multiple locations, even on your brand’s Facebook page
  • Reduce repetitive inquiries and support costs
  • Gain greater visibility of overall user satisfaction

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Provide 24/7 Customized Support

Parature Customer Service Software allows your online community to get the most complete customer experience through whichever channel they prefer, whether it’s live chat, email, trouble tickets, help desk, social media or even Parature’s searchable, intuitive self-service knowledgebase.

Through Parature’s fully-customizable, cloud-based support portal, your users can submit even the most complex problems and questions and track the step-by-step resolution without ever having to contact a support representative. Custom tracking tools let you view the complete history of all customer service interactions and requests. Utilizing this tracking, you can create reports, analyze support trends and proactively add information to your self-serve knowledgebase based upon your customer’s most common issues. Plus, the portal integrates seamlessly when it comes to matching your site’s design and product language.

Reduce Repetitive Questions

For the high volume of repetitive questions and support requests associated with the interactive audience, a robust self-service knowledgebase is all important to help deflect help desk tickets, emails and phone calls. In addition to providing answers to the most commonly asked questions, customers can visit the knowledgebase to help themselves to user tips, downloads, and all the latest information that keeps them engaged.

Parature offers an affordable knowledgebase solution that’s easy to use, easy to update, and tracks frequently searched terms so that you can add these commonly-searched solutions in a prominent place on your knowledgebase.

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Connect with Users on Social Media

Because social media is a natural extension for Interactive Media communities, Parature also offers a solution that provides the ability to monitor social media venues for any questions, support requests or inappropriate language and respond accordingly in real time. Click here to read about Parature for Social Media.

Today’s top names in Interactive Media are turning to Parature. There’s no smarter, more efficient way to serve, support, retain, engage and maximize the value of every customer in your community – and Parature provides customer service software that revolves around you. For more information on Parature’s multi-channel customer service solution for Interactive Media, click here for a free demo, email us at or call 1-877-GO-PARATURE.

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