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From healthcare to hospitality, from financial services to professional services, the businesses that make up the service industry are reliant on the effectiveness and efficiency of their customer care. Parature’s cloud-based customer service and support solutions are the top choice for businesses throughout the world because of Parature’s unique ability to customize its software based on each organization’s unique business processes.

Major Benefits
  • Reduce support costs, increase service efficiency, centralize all support data and processes
  • Provide consistent, real-time support and information across multiple channels, including social media
  • Gain greater visibility of overall customer satisfaction
  • Reduce repetitive phone calls and emails

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Provide World-Class 24/7 Customer Care

Professional service providers, especially those with locations around the country or the world, require a centralized customer service solution that can handle a growing volume of interactions across multiple channels including phone, email, trouble tickets, live chat, help desk, self-service knowledgebase, and now social media. Being everywhere your customers are is more important than ever before.

Service providers also require a customer care solution that is seamlessly integrated with their brand’s online presence to assure trust and ease of use. Parature Customer Service Software integrates a fully-customizable online support portal, an intuitive self-service knowledgebase, plus online help desk ticketing and a host of complementary modules to increase business efficiencies across the board. Robust reporting tools allow you to learn more about your customers and your customer service issues to enhance and improve your business practices.

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Create a Customer Self-Service Center
that Lowers Costs and Increases Efficiency

Parature Customer Service Software incorporates an intuitive, searchable knowledgebase where customers can easily access answers to frequently asked questions, download forms, watch helpful videos and more. This robust self-serve knowledgebase system immediately increases customer service efficiencies across the board, as repetitive phone or email questions are dramatically reduced. If an individual does require personal assistance, they can easily submit a question or request via Parature’s customer support ticketing system or live chat.

Serve Your Customers on Social Media

Because customer service is increasingly moving to online channels, Parature also offers a social media solution that allows businesses and organizations to monitor their brand’s social media presence for any questions, requests or inappropriate language on social media channels and respond accordingly in real time. Click here to read about Parature for Social Media.

Parature provides customer service software that revolves around you. For more information or a demonstration on Parature’s solutions for the service industry, Click here for a free demo, email us at or call 1-877-GO-PARATURE.

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