Customer Driven Innovation

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Your ideas inspire our best innovations. When businesses and organizations present us with a need, we work to find or create a solution. Sometimes that solution works for an industry. Sometimes that solution works for every industry. And that’s how we’ve become known as a global innovator in customer service.

Listening and responding to the needs of customers is what you do best. In turn, that’s what we strive to do best. It’s been our passion from day one, and it’s made us a trusted business partner and provider.

That’s why PlayFirst chose Parature to help them extend their customer service support and engagement across multiple platforms. “We had three key criteria when we were looking: (1) a searchable knowledge base, (2) support across all of our platforms, and (3) an advanced ticketing system,” said PlayFirst Lead Customer Service Representative Tobias Tovera.

“Parature has all those, which allowed us to properly grow our business by providing a more organized support system. It was something other support providers could not do.

“A lot of our customers were already coming to our Facebook wall whenever they had support issues,” Tovera said. “Knowing that, Parature for Facebook was also a huge appeal for us.”

Always Innovating

Parature is leading the way in innovations for customer service and engagement, and is now offering customer service solutions for other popular social media channels such as Twitter. And that’s just part of Parature’s continued customer-driven growth and development.

With other customer service solution providers, you may be a small client that uses a vendor’s common solution. With Parature, you’re always a big client, and there’s nothing common about our solutions. They’re always improving and expanding, driven by our customers’ best ideas and goals to be the innovative and industry leaders in customer service and engagement.

View our customer-driven solutions or contact us with your customer service innovation need.

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