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Your organization or customer service goals might start small, but you can grow as much as you want, when you want, with Parature.

Parature web-based customer service software is an intuitive, scalable solution that grows with your organization, so you don’t have to start over every few years as your customer base or needs expand. Our web-based solution integrates the power of a variety of robust modules into a single customizable system that works with all your current business practices.

That’s why LandslideCRM chose Parature over other customer service solutions. “Initially we only wanted a flexible, low-cost solution with better functionality for our ticketing system,” said Wes Willoughby, VP of Customer Care.

“We were looking for cost with a bang. Then we looked at the other things Parature had to offer and took advantage of their survey and reporting tools, as well.”

Parature is Always Working for You

In an effort to fully customize our customer service solution to support your business’ needs, Parature conducts a thorough pre-implementation review of your system settings, workflow structure, portal look and feel, and reporting practices. We then offer a complete needs analysis, identifying any additional requirements, training and recommended system updates.

Once we know your business or organization, and how to make our solutions work best for you, the implementation process proceeds quickly. Your customized Parature portal appears as a visually-seamless addition to your corporate online presence. You want the best? You’ve got the best, and it’s Parature.

Most Parature clients find that once they’re familiar with basic Parature functionality, they can fine tune and expand on ways to use the system. Parature offers a wide variety of applications that you can use to boost efficiency in any area of your business: billing, training, product development – you name it; we’ve got an app for that.

The word “cookie-cutter” has never been used to describe Parature’s growing line of innovative solutions, nor will it ever be, so whether it’s understanding your business and workflow to build a solution to meet your unique needs, or developing a new capability that helps you scale your business, at Parature, we make customer service software that revolves around you.

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