Personalized Service

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“Customer service that revolves around you.” It’s not just a tagline. It’s our mission.

We’re not just a customer service solution vendor. We’re a customer service solution partner. We’re the Robin to your Batman. We’re the Watson to your Sherlock Holmes. We’re the R2D2 to your Luke Skywalker (except we’re not robots, but sadly, we have been known to dance like them).

Parature stands out from other customer service software providers by standing by our clients and developing a professional relationship of trust, communication and unparalleled service. Engaging customers and making sure their needs are met – it’s not just important to you. It’s incredibly important to us.

That’s why Hitatchi Data Systems chose Parature over other customer service solution providers. “You can write the best software in the world, and have the best hosting and availability. What impresses me is the fact that they as a company are there, engaged and interested,” said Hugh Ujhazy, EMEA/APAC DOC Director of Hitachi Data Systems.

“When I call somebody, they know who we are, know what we’re doing and they want us to be successful.”

Choose the Level of Support You Need

No matter what your support requirements, Parature has a plan that meets the unique needs of your organization. Whether you desire an emergency response hotline, a dedicated account manager or real-time chat support – we can do that.

Parature’s support plans enable you to maximize the power of your Parature Customer Service Software and deliver legendary service and support to your customers.

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